Follow the blackbird is a hand-drawn 2d game made in a form of comics with lovely watercolour illustrations. Follow the heart-warming story about little adventrure of Sonya and the blackbird. As the story unfolds, couple of light puzzles will be on your way.

Created for GamesPlusJam 2021

Controllers: up/down to move the camera view; mouse click to interact/open the next pad


  • Game design, Art, Amination & Code: Anastasia Merzlaya
  • Music: Bartosz Maksiak

P.S.  Actually, the main character was created one week before the Jam started, but Ioved Sonya a lot and decided to make another story about her (however the game art was created during GPJam). If you enjoyed the game you might also check Sonya's other adventure:

P.P.S. You can check more of my art here:

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Hand-drawn, Point & Click, watercolor


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A delight adventure!

thank you:)

Thank you for this amazing game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:

thank you!

Lovely game. 😊


thank you:)

Love the game so far! i don't really understand the animal-tree puzzle, do you have any tips? :3

thank you! you need to find shapes of the animals in the trees: just click and move one of the animals and try to find to which of the branches it matches. hope you will manage:)

Finished the game, the whole vibe was so relaxing ><

happy to hear:)

Absolutely gorgeous!  Loved every bit of it. <3

I am happy you enjoyed it! you might also want to check two other games following the same story:)

Very beautiful and the puzzle elements were challenging and fun!

thank you! I am happy you enjoyed it! you might also check two other games following the same story:)

beautiful  like "Trust the bird"   :)


thank you!


Beautiful. No other words can give it more praise.

thank you!

Hi when will this be available on windows? I really want to play your game :<<<

sure, i can make windows version - maybe in couple of days. the browser version doesn't work for you?

Oh my gosh thank you so much, I just wanted to play this even without internet connection haha. Sorry for the bother

I'm too of the same old-fashioned kind:  I like to download and keep such beautiful and exceptional games in my indie-games treasure chest. :)

i'll do it, but i wanted to make an update first and it took too much time..... sorry

in the meantime you can play continuation of the same story with downloadable version

Thank you for replying. There is no need to apologize! Take your time. :)

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Oh my gosh you're a literal heaven-sent thank you so muchhh

I just uploaded the windows version

Ahahhaa sorry for reacting that way lol. I've played it and I must say that I had a blast. The art style is so cute yet gives me a feeling of bittersweetness. 


I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.

thanks, i will keep in mind, but i think so far it is not really needed


I really enjoyed the calmness of this game. And You have no idea how much I appreciate the hand drawn water color. Great job!

thank you so much!

Very well thought game. I liked the soothing music and puzzle was quite nice. Nice work. 

thank you!

Very sweet game. I really enjoyed that. Nice puzzles and the visuals are great. Really peaceful experience (and the music is really nice too). Great work and thanks for sharing your art!

thank you, i am happy you liked it!

Really beautiful, visuals and story are so good, loved the soundtrack and the puzzles as well.

Congrats on making it in one week, really impressive


thank you!

Anastasia, this is a really remarkable experience. I am someone who absolutely adores more narratively driven and expressionistic games, and this really resonated with me.

The level of polish that you put into the presentation of the story, the visuals/effects, and the puzzles was absolutely astonishing!

Thank you for making this beautiful piece.

thanks again:)

Nice game! Lovely! Super nice art/illustrations!

thank you!

Wow , peaceful atmosphere and professional quality. You should also publish books. 

thank you! being honest, such drawing style is something unusual for me, so i am really happy you find it nicely done:)

This game was absolutely beautiful! you did a wonderful job and your art was amazing.

thank you so much!

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This was just Wonderful!!! All the feels.  Bunny was real hard to find.  Great art, and music which just oozes emotion. Loved this.  Default resolution could have been set bigger. Fan got a bit cut off in some scenes.  Great job

thank you! I am really happy you liked that!